Are your wedding guests bored?

When I had my wedding, I worried would my friends and families who came out to celebrate our wedding be bored? Sure, we had great food, we found a perfect DJ, made a great slide show, we could add a photo booth. But would it be enough. To be honest, I had been to weddings where I didn’t know a lot of people and I was a little bored, and I felt bad about it. Since was really excited to see my friends tie the knot. But the truth is on, the big day there isn’t a lot time to catch up with the bride and groom.

So I had the idea of creating something for people to send us greetings throughout the night by simply texting on their phones their messages and have those messages show up on a screen for everyone to see. Somehow, it became more than an idea and I made it happen, finishing the last touches of the first version while I ate breakfast at the hotel before I headed over to the ceremony! 

Our guests told me how much fun it was, so I added photos and other features for my relatives and friends weddings and gave Wedtron as a gift. Their guests loved it and they loved seeing the photos the next day. People said they loved having something to do and seeing other people’s photos from earlier in the day. 

Find out about how Wedtron can make your event more memorable for everyone.