Make sure you get the best photos from the night!

You’ve made sure you found a great photographer for your big day, but are you getting the best photos? Wedtron is designed to encourage your guests to share their best pictures with everyone else at the wedding while the big party is going on. Nothing motivates people like seeing their photos on the big screen for everyone to admire. Best of all, you the happy couple gets the photos too. 

Wedtron encourages people to share and participate at the wedding with their best photos and captions. People start looking at the Wedtron screen to see what great shots of the day are showing up. The biggest surprise is the people you would never expect to be on social media are sharing their photos because Wedtron is private to the event and they don’t have to download an app.

Invite Wedtron to your big event and get all the great photos that you’ll be missing! Click on the button below and contact us to make Wedtron part of your big party.