About Us

We created Wedtron to "scratch our own itch". A few years ago when we got married, we wanted to do something to make our wedding different and fun. We were also worried based on our own experience, that sometimes that wedding receptions were a lot of waiting around and guests needed something to do. So we came up with an idea to let our guests text their greetings and well wishes and have it appear on a screen at our reception. The groom coded it just in time for the wedding and it worked. And we do mean just in time, he was finishing it up over breakfast the day of the wedding. We called it "Wedtron" as a cross between wedding and a jumbotron and the name stuck. 

Fast forward a few years later, others asked if they could have it for their wedding and we set it up for them. It was always a big hit at those weddings too. Soon, people we didn't know wanted it too, so we set up a business Wedtron L.L.C. to make it easy for others to use the Wedtron.

At Wedtron our goal is to make weddings and events better, by making them more interactive and participatory. So many parties are celebrations that we host to remember the milestones of our lives. They often bring together friendly strangers who share connection with the host. We hope to create tools that help those strangers leave as friends. We hope you love our services and that you and your guests enjoy using them.