Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions for using Wedtron

What type of projector can I use?  

A projector is how you show the pictures to everyone in the venue. The only requirement is that be able to be connected to an Apple iPad running the Wedtron Viewer. Some people use a traditional LCD projector and others use large TVs. Many venues already have a projector so you can find out what inputs are present on the projector HDMI or VGA. 

You can connect the projector by doing one of the following:

1) Direct connection using an "iPad to VGA adapter" or "iPad to HDMI adapter. The adapter you use will depend on whether you have an older iPad that uses the 30 Pin adapter, the more modern and most common lightning adapter, and in rare cases the USB-C adapter used for the iPad Pros.

2) via AirPlay. If the projector is connected to an Apple TV or is a TV with built in AirPlay and the iPad with the Wedtron Viewer is connected to the same wifi network, you can use AirPlay to mirror the iPad to the screen. 

What Video Adapter do I need to Purchase

if you are directly connecting the iPad to the projector, the following connectors are available depending on what connector is on the iPad. 
  Projector/TV has VGA port Projector/TV has HDMI port
iPad has 30 pin connector. (iPad 2 or older) (no longer directly available from Apple) 30 Pin Dock Connector <-> VGA 30 Pin Dock Connector <-> HDMI
iPad has lightning connector. (most iPads) Lightning <-> VGA Lightning <-> HDMI
iPad has a USB-C connector (recent iPad Pros) USB-C <-> VGA USB-C <-> HDMI

What type of connectivity do I need?

For Wedtron to work, the following internet connectivity needs to be available:

- The iPad needs to be connected to the internet, either via WiFi at the venue, or directly if it has cellular connectivity built in and activated. 

- Your guests need to be able to connect the phone network to be able to send messages from their phones.

Some venues because they are in remote locations will not have internet connectivity and will not be able to have Wedtron running. 

What resolution will the photos be?

The Wedtron photo sharing service receives photos from the mobile phone networks as is. The mobile phone sending the message or the phone network used to send the message may reduce the resolution of the photos. So depending on those two things, photos vary in image quality. However, when the photos are sent to the purchaser, each photo is identified by the sender for you to obtain the full resolution photos should you choose. 

Will I know who sent the photos and messages?

Yes, if your guest is sending a message from their mobile phone. Their phone number will be associated with each message, photo or video sent to Wedtron Photo Sharing service.

Does Wedtron support languages other than English?

Yes, most languages are supported for display on Wedtron as long as the mobile phone used to send the message is using the commonly used standard known as Unicode. This is the case with the exception of older phones and some phones from other countries. 

Does Wedtron support Emojis?

Yes, the most popular emojis will be displayed on the Wedtron screen. 

Does Wedtron support Videos?

At this time, the Wedtron Viewer does not support display of videos. However, the service will receive videos which can be viewed when the photos are delivered to the couple. Note that mobile phone networks universally reduce the size and video quality.

How long with the photos be stored?

Photos are retained for 30 days after the scheduled event date. Prior to that date the photos received sent to the person who purchased the Wedtron package electronically or by postal mail depending on which option was chosen.

Why do some of my photos take so long to appear?

Delays in showing up on the screen may occur for the following reasons: 

- mobile networks are slow
- there are many other photos that were sent before your photo
- the host may have turned on moderation and your photo is waiting to be approved.